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Recovery is, "A process of change through which individuals
improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life,
and strive to reach their full potential." SAMHSA

Welcome to the Recovery Canada website!

Recovery Canada is licensed to practice the Recovery Method by Recovery International and is recognized by the Canadian Government. We are non-profit, non-sectarian and completely member managed.

Recovery International is a self-help mental health program based on the ground breaking work of our founder, the late Abraham A. Low, M.D., a neuropsychiatrist. Recovery International, formerly "Recovery, Inc.", has been active since 1937 and we have groups meeting every week around the world.

The Recovery Method is a compilation of many simple yet practical coping techniques. To gain inner peace, members learn how to change the way they react to the people and situations they have no control over. Members also learn how to identify and manage negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that can lead to emotional distress and stress related physical symptoms. The techniques are learned through regular attendance at meetings, studying the Recovery literature, and daily practice.

To help get you started, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Read about the Recovery Method
  • Learn to use some of the self-help Tools
  • Read the Books written by Dr. Abraham Low, MD.
  • Practice completing some Examples
  • Attend community, telephone, and/or online Meetings

  • Remember, you are not alone. Recovery Canada meetings are a safe place to talk about life's struggles with others who have experienced similar struggles in their life.

    We encourage you to browse our website using the tabs at the top or the links provided above and at the bottom of the page. That way you can find out more about the Recovery Method, the self-help cognitive behavior tools that you can start using, and read examples of putting them into practice. You can also purchase books that explain in greater detail and find out when and where meetings are being held online, over the telephone and in person with communitiy meetings in Canada.

    If you have a question or need information pertaining to Recovery Canada, whatever it might be, you can get in touch with us by mail, telephone or e-mail. Click on the following link for more information on how to Contact Us.

    Thank you for visiting the Recovery Canada website. We hope you have a great day!


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    The Recovery International UIC Report is Now Available!

    The RI Group Meeting Evaluation Final Report was conducted by Dr. Susan Pickett of the University of Ilinois at Chicago (UIC).

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